A little change to the site

You might be noticing some changes around the gallery.  For years now...TEN years to be exact, I have been known through the name of 446 Photography.  That moniker will always hold a special meaning to me, and to Toni.  But times change, and it was time to move away from that name.  For simplicity, and for a little bit more of a professional approach, I have started using my name, officially relating to my photography.  This is a little more than just "hanging a new sign" though.  It really symbolizes a shift in my approach to things related to my photography.

I really want my photographs to speak for themselves.  I figure if my photographs are good enough for me to put my name on the back of each print, I should feel confident enough to put my name at the top of my website.  I want you all to get to know me, through my pictures, and through my blog entries about how I created the images.

You will also notice a much more streamlined appearance to the gallery.  While I liked the old layout, I decided that it was a little bit busy, and lacked focus on the images.  I've toned down the textures, as well as the color pallet and have improved the presentation of the images, or so I hope.  Please feel free to offer suggestions to the gallery so that I can continue to improve things, and make this a more enjoyable place to spend some time.

One other thing that has changed is the addition of another page.  I have been very hesitant to list prices because I have not been focusing on selling images for several years now.  However, I have been asked a number of time how much I would sell prints for.  You can now view that by visiting the "Prices" tab to the right and see the basics.  I'm still not in the business of selling my prints, but I am always very happy when folks decide to bring my art into their home or business.

I hope you enjoy the new layout, and especially the photographs found within these pages.


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