"I find your work intriguing and in my favorite place ~ The Smokes.  I love to get "lost" in your photography and expand on your "Titles" with a story ~ it is quite intriguing and challenging to channel my thoughts down so many pathways to discover where it takes me ~ where in that moment, times stands still and speaks volumes to my spirit.  I like to be somewhat spontaneous and then revisit the piece, searching for the details that develop the story.  Not always easy to describe ~ but your work beckons my imagination to dig deeper and appreciate what you have been able to capture ~ thank you for sharing your beautiful art and skill."

--Debbie, via Facebook

Serenity Pool
"Greg, this is just beautiful.  Oh, I don't think you could have done any better.  That rock formation is very impressive also.  All of this picture just looks perfect.  I Love it."

--Janice, via Facebook

"Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us through words and photos.  I see a lot of myself in them, as they bring back pleasant memories of days in recent years when I was more able to get out and roam the hills of my beloved Red River Gorge and your own Blue Ridge Parkway.  I know I'll eventually be well enough to resume my outdoor photoventures.  But until I am, I will enjoy seeing nature through your lens, regardless of which one(s) you are using."

--John Snell (Photographer), Lexington, KY

Second Falls
"I've never really liked to shoot this waterfall because it's always so crowded when I'm there.  And, now, I will never ever like to shoot this waterfall because I know I'll never get a better shot than this one! ;-)

--William, via Facebook

"I love the mountains, I love Greg's waterfalls, they are so different, some small others are large.  The shoreline series he did is very good.  I have been watching his photos on Facebook.  His sunsets are superb, he is a great photographer.  I hope to add some of his work on my walls soon.  Look at all of the photos, you won't be wasting your time I assure you."

Mary, Panama City, FL

Splash Down
"I am fascinated with the angle of this shot.  It appears there are smaller waterfalls with a river running through.  Then, the larger waterfalls show up.  I love your talent and your gift of shooting waterfalls.  I am just dumbstruck when I see you pictures."

"All I can say is that you are a very talented young man with an awesome imagination.  You photos are always so interesting."

--Carolyn, via Facebook

"I just love this crisp, perfect scene.  It is one of those pictures that lives inside me and when I see it out of my head and in color it takes my breath away.  Thank you."

--Diana, via Facebook

"That is so beautiful!  Looking at this picture made me feel peaceful.  You have a God given talent to capture his natural beauty."

--Melissa, Julian, NC

"You can't know what a blessin' it is to see these photos for me...  I'm desperately homesick and these stellar pics help so much.  You touch hearts with these, so please know your time is well spent."

--Robin, via Facebook

"The beach scene is so full of emotion, it makes me want to cry!  It has such a soft, lonely feel to it, yet I can imagine in the bright sun of the day, all kinds of happy noise going on.  Greg, you are a master at bringing out real, honest emotion with your photos!  EXCELLENT!"

--Carly, San Francisco, CA

Water Theapy

"I love this scene as well as your notes about it.  Feels like I am right there with you.  It is amazing how a still photo can be so alive with movement and sound."

--Chris, via Facebook

"My husband, Bob, loved the framed print of Pilot Mountain!  He was surprised and just stared at it!  He said the photography just pulls you in!"

--Susan, Winston Salem, NC

Nothing Stands in the Way
"Mr Kiser, I recently received one of your portraits (Nothing Stands in the Way) for my wedding anniversary.  I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the picture.  It is a perfect balance between a photograph and a painting.  I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life.  You are a true artist and you create amazing artwork.  I plan to purchase more of your work in the future and I will definitely suggest your work to others."

--Le'Kisha, Greensboro, NC

"I am just so impressed with your eye, craftsmanship, and artistry."

-Tim, via Facebook

Old Workhorse
"I love that old Ford tractor photo, The Workhorse.  I have always loved tractors.  I guess I have the kin in me lol, even though I am 67 yrs old.  I love looking at your site, it has become a daily thing for me."

--Dick, Edmonds, WA

"You really do have an amazing gallery!  I saw one pictures which turned into me finding a couple more which then turned into me loving the whole collection!"

--Naomi, via Instagram

Commanding Presence

"I am very impressed.  Captured a scene of a childhood memory that grabbed my heart and soul in such a unique way that I must have a print."

--Tari, via Facebook

Greg, the pictures were delivered yesterday afternoon.  They are STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!  They remind me so very much of my childhood visits to Nags Head, NC.  Your website does not do your work justice, my friend!!  You packaged them so well and so professionally.  Thanks so much , Greg!  You were professional from start to finish!!"

--Valerie, Pennsylvania

Chiseled Wall

" I have always loved rocks and consider myself an amateur photographer.  I have tried to capture good pictures of rock formations similar to this and could never do them justice.  You sir, are a master and this picture is phenomenal!"

--Bonnie, via Facebook

"Is there a word that means being able to remember distinct smells from the past by looking at a photograph?  There should be.  Thanks for rekindling those memories :-)"

"If I had to put a price on the inspiration that I've received from your images...I couldn't afford it.  They are worth way more than their tag."

--Clyde, Virginia

Golden Falls

"Spectacular Shot, very talented!  Made me feel as if I were there.  VERY difficult to capture the depth of beauty, EXCELLENT work.  Thank you!"

--Patricia, via Facebook

"You know what you want even before you get there...  You know the subject matter by heart...You notice how the elements have changed, and understand how they affect changes...You paint with your camera, and the colors are provided by passing vehicles on the road, the setting sun, flashing lights, and seasonal shifts of light, time, and life cycles.  you have a discerning eye for composition, color, and light...You know what you are looking for, and you seek to capture it.  I love your dedication to this art!"

--Bea, Graham, NC

Old Sport
"What I love about your pictures, especially the car, truck, and tractor pictures is that you make them talk.  It's like they're telling you a story through your photography.  Nice job."

--Regina, via Facebook

"Greg has a picture that is so restful and just perfect to compliment this picture I have.  My birthday seemed like the perfect time to order the photo I wanted.  I received it today.  It is wonderful.  The frame is perfect, the photo is perfect, and Greg did a wonderful job.   Thank you Greg.  I love it!!!"

--Julie, Sioux City, IA

"GREG, There is no way I can explain my feeling right now.  My beautiful framed picture is here!  I have stared at it for so long and then just walked around holding it.  I am so happy.  It turned out just perfect.  The other photos take my breath away.  I keep looking at them thinking 'Now where should this one go' and 'Would this one look better here?'  I can't stop smiling.  I am taking them to work with me and also your business cards.  I want my friends to have access to your work!"

State of Decay
"You are the best.  I put myself into each picture.  I can smell the old house, and the barn, and touch the dust on the truck.  You are so magic with that camera."

--Myke, Salt Lake City, UT

"...and more to the point, your pictures are excellent, and as good as any taken by the better known artisans we have all heard of."

--Mark Lucock (Photographer), Australia

"Greg is an artist in soul...above and beyond the average shutterbug.  The depth and composition is that of a long enduring and well practiced and steady hand.  Every shot speaks to the naturalist and humanitarian that lives in all of us.  Amazing...just simply amazing.  As a homesick transplant, it has been a special treat to see many of his pieces that speak directly to me...the places I have lived and traveled.  Thank you, Greg...for the path to walk on."

--Celeste, Atlanta, GA


"WOW...This photo shot is alive.  This is beautiful, captivating, and powerful.  Wonderful start to my day.  Greg, words failed me in my expression of your photo.  Actually, I was physically there.  I love nature, this just drew me into the sounds and aromas of the site."

--Gerline, via Facebook

"The nice thing about your shots is that I can go back to them after I have already viewed them and view them again.  They don't get stale."

--Mary, Long Branch, NJ

"You really have a gift for this stuff (honestly, I never would have pegged you as an artist).  Your work speaks for itself.  It was almost like Thomas Kincaide, painter of light, pieces--only the light resonated through your pictures.  It was very cool looking at your galleries."

--Jason, Wachapreague, VA


"How did you get such beautifully even 'painting'?  What light source, how did you use it?  Yours is the best I've ever seen."

--Maldon, Australia (via Facebook)

"You captured an awesome and very powerful shot.  Notice the peace and the power you feel as you absorb the beauty of the sunset.  The tree stands so mighty but in solitude, however, it reveals it's true beauty by the power of the light!  I love it!"

--Twinkle Scott (Author), Kernersville, NC

"You have a natural ability to compose your photos and you take into account things like texture, leading lines, atmosphere, all kinds of art principles and art elements without really worrying too much about them."

--Terri, via Facebook

Torment and Comfort
"First of all, the balance of the photo is amazing.  In front we have a big, bulky tree that has been through much.  In the back is a beautiful cabin and more trees.  Two opposites beautifully combined in one photograph."

--TaShonda, California

Winter Getaway
"I'm very excited about these prints.  They are absolutely beautiful! I REALLY love all of your work.  It looks like you have been doing photography professionally for years.  I would rank your work up there with the most prestigious photographers out there!!!"

--Stacey, West Jeffereson, NC

Beyond the Fence

"LOVE this!! B&W.  Dark & light, lines, shadows, depth, especially the sand drifts!"

--Helen, via Facebook

"You bring joy and pleasure to all of us through your scenes of nature in all its glory.  You see things others do not."

--Wanda, via Facebook

Down to Earth

"Great photo!  Definitely captured the soul of the vehicle, if that makes sense!"

--Rebecca, Greensboro, NC

"The truck looks like it is 3D and is going to drive right out of the frame."

--Nate, Greensboro, NC

Good Day Sunshine
"Really nice-makes feel like I'm there-just nature making its beautiful noise as the sun [rises], the colors are magnificent. Thank you!"

--Richard, via Facebook

"Nice job with this, Greg.  Your scenes are of our backyard in Old Salem.  Fun for you to give it a fresh eye for our take-for-granted eyes."  In reference to this trek

--Houck, North Carolina

The Fire Above
"Love your pics so much, in our younger days, hubby & I loved to hike the mountains, so much arthritis, so now we look at your pics & REMEMBER"

--Theresa, via Facebook

1 comment:

  1. Greg, I just went to look at your Gallery Store. I hadn't looked at it for years as when I fall in love with one of your photographs, I don't really care about the price because so much of your work is truly PRICELESS! I also read once again your comment that we are buying more than a photograph, we are buying "a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul, a small piece of someone else's life". Even though I am SO PROUD TO BE YOUR MOTHER and we obviously share some life experiences, you connect with me and, I am sure, others on another level which cannot be quantified by mere words! Your art is absolutely breathtaking beyond my words!