White Water

Welcome to the White Water Gallery

"We had heard of a grand fall on this stream, and thought that each fall we came to must be it, but after christening several in succession with this name, we gave up the search.  There were more grand or pretty falls than I can remember."
--Henry David Thoreau

The Skull Behind the Water

A Melody Visualized

Easy Going

Cascades of Summer


Spring at Midnight Hole

Dugger's Creek

Tory's Character

Serenity Pool


Teal Wash

What a Rush

Keeping Balance

A Seasonal Song

Finding Your Way

Textures in Paradise

Roseboro Falls

The Aqua Rapids

A Summer Ballad

Yadkin's Jewel

Golden Falls

Mountain Meditation
Upper Creek Falls
Midnight Freeze

Enter the Basin
Royal Veil
Waterfall Walk