Welcome to The Monochrome Gallery

"Black and white photography does more to evoke an emotion and freeze a moment in time than any other medium.  The subtle tones of grays, the strong emphasis of the blacks, and the softness of the whites makes one look much closer at the subject and composition due to the lack of natural color."
--Bob Snell

Dairy Barn in the Summer
1st Place Dixie Classic Fair 2016

Wooden Reach

Abstract Shore

Sunshine Beneath the Clouds

Off in the Distance


Agonizing Reach

The Wolf's Cry

Dare to Bare

Full Force

Gnarled Centurion
Through the Ages

Guarded and Weathered

Nature's Movements

Above All Else

A Melody Visualized

Mountains Cry

Rain on Me


Set Adrift

2nd Place Dixie Classic Fair 2017